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Risk-mitigation expert.

Our security protections do the job strongly with you and as well as your group to formulate a strategy to guard the premises, monitor activities and identify felony activity.

Reliable and trustworthy

Our Security representatives offer an intensive range of services backed up at our 24-hours countrywide services.

Customized integrated security solutions that are cost-effective

Night Vision the best Security services company in Punjab is one of India's leading house-keeping and facility maintenance firm. We Offer cost-effective facility management solutions.


Outstanding Services ServicesServices

Bank Security Guard

Night Vision the best Security services company in Punjab, provides physical for a secure banking environment. Customers visit banks either for transaction or enquiry. To protect staff, customers and property security risks, Armed and unarmed well trained guards are provided to the banking segment.

Industries Security Guard

Night Vision Security delivers experienced and well trained security stafff or corporate offices security as well as other commercial setups. These kinds vary from offering standard support providers like the front desk officers to technical assistance with telephone Operators.

Hotel Security Guard

Security at your event occassion is actually imortant due to your focus on the event, and the individuals participating in. Whether it's wedding or trade shows as well as business present ther's constantly alot of activity with individuals arriving and going.

School Security Guard

We protect educational institutions with a variety of products & Security services in Jalandhar Punjab. Night vision security protects your children, staff and other individuals at the educational facilities, by providing properly educated, high alert security officers.

Hospitals Security Guard

Night Vision the best Security services company in Punjab, offers cost-effective specific healthcare security services of patients,visitors. Our Security officer follow very strong rules and procedures speed of response, reliability, and ethics understand the healthcare environment. We cover protection, transportation and emergency.


Night Vision Security provides manned Security services in Jalandhar Punjab in all over india. Our highly skilled staff combined with the latest technlogies permits us to supply security solutions which immediately answer our customer's need-reducing the risks for your company.

Our Fully Trained Manpower Resources


We serve in EVERY INDUSTRY with all the major Security solutions